Meet Parm Gill

Parm Gill, Member of Provincial Parliament for Milton, is a diligent advocate for public safety and maintaining equality in the community and Ontario. Parm was appointed to Cabinet in 2021, and currently serves as the Minister of Red Tape Reduction.

Prior to his work in public service, Parm was involved in numerous family businesses in the manufacturing and hospitality industries. Parm studied at the Ivey School of Business at Western University, earning his Master of Business Administration degree.

Before being elected to the Ontario Legislature in 2018, Parm was the Federal Member of Parliament in the House of Commons from 2011-2015.

Parm was appointed by the Prime Minister as the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Veteran Affairs, and later, the Minister of International Trade. Throughout his tenure, Parm was a member of many committees including the Standing Committee of Public Safety and National Security, Health, Canadian Heritage, Veterans Affairs, and International Trade.

Parm has always felt strongly about keeping the youth of Ontario, and Canada as a whole, safe. He believes that the youth is the future of our great country, it is important to keep them safe and on the path to success.

In 2012, Parm introduced a Private Member’s Bill, C-394. His bill introduced a new Criminal Code offense: prohibiting the recruitment or encouragement of a person to join a criminal organization. The bill passed and became law in June 2014. Since most criminal organizations look to youth when recruiting new members, the bill works to keep our streets, neighbourhoods, and communities safer, which has always been a top priority for Parm.

Parm is working hard to achieve a safer Ontario. As a resident of Milton, he is committed to working tirelessly for his constituents.