MILTON, ON – To address the needs of the rural Milton area, the Government of Ontario is working with CENGN, and it’s partner, Mage Networks, to implement a set of unlicensed fixed wireless access (FWA) technologies including 5GHz WIFI and 60GHz backhaul, bringing a range of broadband internet access services up to 100 Mbps Down/100 Mbps Up to residents of rural Milton.

This project promises several benefits, including:

  • 75% cost savings by using unlicensed 60GHz backhaul and existing utility poles instead of having to install 80km of optical fibre backhaul.
  • Simplified rapid year-round installation. Since this new network is pole and lamp post mounted, no trenching or horizontal drilling is required, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in excavation and landscaping costs.
  • Highly resilient network design with multiple backhaul points and new mesh technology to provide very high service levels.
  • No new telecommunications towers are required since this cost-effective model uses existing utility pole infrastructure.

“I am proud our government is investing $63.3 million over five years to CENGN programs to grow innovation and commercialization of new products by small and medium companies in Ontario, while also driving innovative residential broadband projects to bring high-speed broadband to rural Milton and other communities across Ontario,” said Parm Gill, MPP for Milton. “This is part of our commitment to improve access to reliable internet for every home, business, and farm in Ontario.”

“Access to reliable broadband internet is essential for all Ontarians, no matter where they live. Businesses, families, schools and hospitals in rural and Northern communities need fast connections just as much as in urban areas,” said Vic Fedeli, Minister of Economic Development, Job Creation, and Trade. “This innovative new project will mean secure and reliable internet and cellular connectivity for the Halton Region, bringing long-overdue cost-effective and high-speed solutions for those who live and work in the region.”

“Now more than ever, we see the importance of broadband in underserved and unserved communities like Rural Milton,” said Laurie Scott, Minister of Infrastructure.  “The digital divide is real and magnified during this COVID 19 global pandemic.  I understand this full well coming from a rural community. This investment continues to build on Ontario’s commitment to connect people reducing that digital divide.  We are moving as fast as we can to get people the services that they need.

This project is part of the Next Generation Network Program (NGNP), an Ontario government program powered by CENGN in partnership with the Ontario Centres of Excellence, which helps Ontario companies develop and demonstrate new wired and wireless technology, products and services. Other projects in the program are focused on smart miningsmart agriculture and autonomous vehicles.