Prime Minister Trudeau,

As the MPP for Milton, I am writing to you regarding your impending decision on the CN Intermodal Hub proposal in our community.

The community, the Municipality and the Region have been very clear: they all reject this intermodal at the proposed Milton location. In fact, the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency (CEAA) panel confirmed that there are serious health concerns if it were to be located adjacent to homes, schools and greenspace.

As your decision to approve or reject this proposal is imminent, our community would be very disappointed if it were to be approved at this time. It would demonstrate that your government does not accept the findings of the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency (CEAA) panel and does not care about the concerns raised by the community. It would also be a clear attempt to bury the decision during the busy holiday season. 

While I have always committed to advocating for our community, I must also bring to your attention the outrage and disappointment that my office continues to receive from families, small business owners and other organizations who are simply trying to make ends meet. During a time that has been very tough on them, your government is now raising the cost of consumables, groceries and gas by almost 30% through your carbon tax. If you are truly concerned about supporting families, young people and businesses, you will not impose this unnecessary tax burden on them.

You may not be familiar with our town, but I can tell you that our community is very tight-knit and has been united against the CN Intermodal proposal. In recent months, you have shown an ability to work collaboratively with your Provincial counterparts, and I am urging you to work with us again and reject this proposal by CN now.


Parm Gill

MPP, Milton