The onset of COVID-19 presented us with an unprecedented challenge, one that would test us as a community and as a province: the challenge of how to fight a worldwide pandemic.

Many answered the call — with tenacity, dedication and an unyielding resolve to do whatever it takes to keep our community and loved ones safe.

We have witnessed countless volunteers helping those most vulnerable and communities strengthened like never before, all bound together by a moral commonality of doing our part to beat this disease.

Believe me, we would not have made it this far without you.

While the situation continues to evolve in Milton, I know we will continue to show the rest of Ontario our strength and our resolve, and why this is the best community in the province.

As your MPP for Milton, my team and I are continuing to take strong actions to make sure our community is supported while we continue to press forward against COVID-19.

With Halton Region successfully moving into Stage 2 of our reopening framework, we must remain diligent.

To help people gradually and safely return to work, I am pleased to say our government is providing $48,536 for enhanced cleaning on Milton’s public transit system. Enhanced cleaning will not only reduce the risk of transmission rates, it will ensure we have safe, reliable public transit.

I continue to work closely with the Ministry of Health so we are ready and able to care for those in need. To do so, I am proud to announce the Government of Ontario is providing over $5.2 million for Halton Healthcare Services.

This operational funding will allow our public health-care services to meet current needs, while also planning for the future.

Stay strong, Milton.