Building a Stronger Ontario

Provincial budget addresses many key priorities, writes Parm Gill.

Our government continues to take decisive action to make sure Ontario is the best place to live, work, and raise a family. It is my privilege to represent our community as your strong voice at Queen’s Park.

Our government recently unveiled Ontario’s 2023 budget: Building a Stronger Ontario, which, if passed, includes targeted measures to support people and businesses like bringing reliable, high-speed internet to more rural communities across Ontario.

There are also historic investments focused on building Ontario’s critical infrastructure faster, including transportation, health care, and long-term-care homes.

We are building Ontario’s economy by getting valuable infrastructure built quicker and creating more investments and job opportunities. Over the next decade, we’re investing over $27.9 billion to support the planning, building and rehabilitation of 400 series highways, including highway 413.

We continue to support our workers by cutting costs and improving infrastructure to provide better services to our community. The 2023 budget also creates more support for seniors by expanding the GAINS program so seniors can live comfortably and with pride. As of January 2023, all GAINS payments have been doubled for recipients for one year.

Our government took a responsible approach when creating our province’s 2023 budget — it is a budget that is working for you. It lays out a strong fiscal foundation for now and future generations by helping to keep costs down for those who need it most, whether at the pump or on electricity bills.

Building on these investments, our government is specifically bringing high-speed internet to more people in Campbellville. Thanks to a combined effort of the provincial and federal governments, we are investing nearly $2.4 million to bring high-speed internet to more homes and businesses.

This announcement is in addition to a provincial investment of $63.3 million for high-speed broadband for our rural community and is all part of our commitment to bring high-speed internet to every home and businesses in Ontario by 2025.

We are not just connecting homes to high-speed internet — we are connecting family and friends in long-term care to more hours of hands-on care. Through a historic investment of $1.25 billion this year, the largest investment in Ontario’s history, we are hiring and retaining thousands more staff to meet our goal of connecting residents to more hours of daily direct care.

With Ontario’s budget 2023, we will continue to make the critical investments needed to keep our communities strong.