MILTON – Today, the MPP for Milton, Parm Gill, along with the Premier of Ontario, Doug Ford, and the Minister of Government and Consumer Affairs, Lisa Thompson, joined representatives from DSV Logistics in Milton, to highlight the distribution of personal protective equipment (PPE) across Ontario that is underway.

Currently, the Ministry of Government and Consumer Affairs is using approximately 50,000 square feet, with 50-60 people picking and packing orders, providing round the clock service to ensure proper supplies of PPE are readily available.

“I am immensely proud of the DSV Logistics team here in Milton,” said MPP Gill. “The work being done at this facility is helping people and families all across Ontario stay safe.”

As part of the emergency response to the global pandemic, efforts were shifted to support the procurement and distribution of critical supplies and equipment, including PPE. For the month of September, the Government of Ontario has shipped 3.8 million cloth masks for students; over 19 million surgical masks for teachers and staff; 300,000 face shields; over 16 million gloves; over 270,000 gowns; and large quantities of hand sanitizer and cleaning supplies for schools.

“To support our public service sector, and the safe reopening of schools, 42 million units of PPE are coming directly from Milton, including face shields, cleaning supplies, sanitizer, and gloves,” added MPP Gill. “Thanks to the working being done here in Milton, our PPE supply chain remains strong, and our government can continue to take strong actions that keep our communities healthy and well”