Preparing our children for in-demand jobs

Mobile classrooms will introduce students to skilled trades, writes Parm Gill

As we enjoy the summer months, our government continues to get it done for workers, families and every Ontarian across the province.

As a proud father of three, I understand the importance of setting our kids on a path for in-demand, good-paying jobs in the future.

Our government recently announced an investment of $5.4 million that would do just that. We are designing and building three mobile tech classrooms that will travel across Ontario and introduce almost half-a-million students and youth to the skilled trades.

This investment will not only help Ontario tackle its labour shortage in a critical industry, but it will also encourage students to consider career paths in a growing and well-paying field.

As more people start calling Ontario home, we will continue to rely on skilled trade professionals to build important infrastructure for our growing population.

This includes continually building up our critical public health infrastructure. Our government continues to prioritize health care in our province.

We have been clear the status quo is not working, which is why I am proud to announce through the Health Infrastructure Renewal Fund, we are investing more than $800,000 in funding this year to the Halton Healthcare Services Corp., including our Milton District Hospital, for critical upgrades, repairs and maintenance.

This is an increase of more than $200,000 from last year and it will help our community receive the care they need.

Overall, our government has announced an additional investment of $44 million into our public health-care system to reduce wait times in 165 high-volume and smaller emergency departments across the province.

Hospitals have the flexibility to spend these funds on local strategies that will help individuals receive higher-quality care sooner while spending less time in the emergency department.

Throughout the summer, it has been a pleasure seeing so many of you at local events, and watching new businesses opening and thriving in Milton.

As the minister responsible for red tape reduction, our government will keep eliminating burdensome and unnecessary red tape, making it as easy as possible for small businesses to open and grow in our province.