Since the election in June, our government has taken quick, strong action for the people and families in Milton and across Ontario.

One of our first announcements was about how our government has expanded access to coverage of Trikafta for children aged six and older, the newest treatment option for cystic fibrosis.

I have met with many parents in our community and have heard first-hand about this could be life-changing for them. This expanded access includes changing the eligibility criteria to remove the measurement of patients’ lung function, further reducing barriers for cystic fibrosis patients to access life-changing treatments.

This announcement means Ontario is now the first province to expand Trikafta access to children.

The Ontario government has also taken action to ensure Halton students return to the classroom on time, with the full school experience they deserve. With the new school year just around the corner, we have increased investments by over $683 million, making it the single largest increased investment in learning recovery, tutoring supports, summer learning, mental health and special education in Ontario history.

This investment includes $176 million to expand access to free school-based tutoring, along with $90 million, which includes $10 million in new funding, for additional supports for student mental health and well-being in 2022-23.

Our government is continuing to build state-of-the-art schools and classrooms, while renewing existing schools — investing $2.1 billion for the 2022-23 school year.

We will continue to focus on STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) education to build critical life and job skills, so our students can graduate with well-paying jobs.

Our government will continue to invest in the next generation, ensuring students graduate with a competitive advantage so they can emerge as Canada’s leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs.

From providing patients with more treatment options, to strengthening educational skills for students, our government is continuing to get it done.