Milton church gets 2 provincial grants for improvements

St. Paul’s United Church has received two provincial grants to assist with making upgrades to the building.

MILTON, Ontario — The church received a $42,300 grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation to create more meeting space for community groups. The church also received a $10,000 grant from the Province of Ontario to improve accessibility.

St. Paul’s United is the largest provider of below market value rental space to non-profit groups in Milton. It used the Trillium Foundation grant to install a partition wall in order to provide more meeting space for groups.

“On behalf of church council and the board of trustees, I want to thank Ontario Trillium Foundation leadership and OTF staff,” said John Challinor II, chair of the church council.

“The installation of the full-height partition wall has enhanced the ability of the community building to better serve Miltonians, continuing a commitment that has been made to the community by the members of St. Paul’s United Church since 1962.”

“Through the Ontario Trillium Foundation funding, our government is taking strong action for Milton,” said Milton MPP Parm Gill.”

The $10,000 grant from the province was used to install a new door system in the church’s community building and sanctuary. The sanctuary was built in 1891 and the community building was built in 1962.

Gill said the money is part of program “providing funds to faith-based and cultural organizations across the province of Ontario to improve access measures.”

“I want to thank the Province of Ontario for developing this grant program and supporting our efforts to make visiting the community building or the sanctuary the best possible experience,” said Challinor.